Review: Die for Me by Amy Plum

Die for Me
Die for Me by Amy Plum
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Die for Me by Amy Plum is the first book in the Revenants trilogy. It is written from the point of view of Kate Mercier as she begins a new life in Paris after the tragedy of her parents’ death. While adjusting, she meets Vincent Delacroix and the rest of his mysterious kindred. Naturally, supernatural adventures abound, along with a healthy dose of romance.

I love that Amy Plum writes strong female leads. Kate is intelligent, compassionate, strong-willed, and autonomous. I feel like this story encourages strength and whimsy, both of which Kate has in spades. One of my favorite quotes (that’s also a pretty good representation of the Revenants world):

“You know, I always thought that if the centuries and centuries of Paris’s ghosts could materialize all at once, you would find yourself surrounded by the most fascinating people.”

Even though this series has a little bit of the “insta-love” element that is so popular in YA novels, Kate and Vincent’s relationship has a fairly natural development – it’s more of an “insta-allure” situation. The words “I love you” are not spoken between them in Die for Me at all, and the love realization on Kate’s part doesn’t come until the last chapter. Don’t worry, though, there’s plenty more to come in books 2 & 3. Even with the insta-allure, they take things slowly emotionally (compared to, say, Twilight).

All in all, I think Die for Me is an excellent Young Adult romance. It encourages all kinds of valuable qualities and passions, as well as being full of wonderful and complex characters. It also has a lot of re-read value for me, but I’m a sucker for a good romance…

Bonus: I highly recommend the audio books for this series, read by Julia Whelan. The performance is excellent, especially with all of the accents and frequent French vocabulary.

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