Review: Elijah Dart: Angel of Death by Jonathan L. Ferrara

Elijah Dart: Angel of Death
Elijah Dart: Angel of Death by Jonathan L. Ferrara
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Elijah Dart: Angel of Death by Jonathan L. Ferrara is a delightful story about an ordinary boy, bored with life, who realizes that the world is not as it seems and his family is anything but ordinary – him least of all.

I loved the setting. It began as a humdrum scene that reminded me of a long, quiet wait at the bus stop or a slowly dripping faucet – this is Elijah’s world before everything changes on All Hallow’s Eve. Before you know it, this world comes alive and Elijah begins experiencing the impossible! This is a wonderfully quirky tale that takes on the macabre topic of reaping souls while keeping the story relatively light and very respectful.

My favorite character was definitely Grim. He was endearingly grumpy, loyal and practical – everything I began hoping he’d be the moment he was introduced. It was “the boy and his dog”, Elijah Dart style.

“Grim…” Elijah drew his sheets up to his torso in fear. “Can you understand me?” He gulped. “Can you speak?”

The two of them stared hard at each other, without as much as a blink from either of them. Elijah waited. It seemed to go on forever. Just as Elijah felt he was able to relax again, Grim opened his mouth, further confirming that Elijah’s “nightmare” had not yet ended.

“I’m not going to bark if that’s what you’re asking me.”

A quick side note about Myra slipping Grim some cake: shouldn’t someone tell her that chocolate is very bad for dogs? If Helena’s cooking weren’t so dreadful, I’d recommend slipping him something else, instead.

The one thing that kept me from giving this story a higher rating was that I felt it needed a bit more of a polish. There were sentences, here and there, that I had to read twice to fully understand, as well as occasional short side tracks that seemed out of place. This interrupted my focus and distracted me from the excitement of the Elijah’s adventure.

Overall, this was a fun, quirky story, and I’m curious to see how Elijah’s adventure will continue in the next installment, Carnival of Bones.

Note: I received a e-copy of Elijah Dart: Angel of Death from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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