Minute Review: Vigilante and Chaos by Sarah Fine

Now that I’ve finished the series, here are my reviews for books 2.5 and 3 of Sarah Fine’s Guards of the Shadowlands trilogyCheck out this post for my Minute Reviews of books 1 and 2!


Vigilante: A Guard's Tale from Ana's Perspective (Guards of the Shadowlands, #2.5)

Vigilante by Sarah Fine (Guards of the Shadowlands, Book 2.5)
My rating:
 4 of 5 stars

So many times, in so many ways, Takeshi had rescued her. “I’m going to rescue you this time,” she said, staring at the black city in the distance.

She clenched her fists and took her first steps into hell.

Written from Ana’s point of view, these 49 pages make up the perfect bridge between Fractured and Chaos.

Recommendation: If you’re working your way through the series, don’t skip this one just because it’s a novella!

 Chaos (Guards of the Shadowlands #3)

Chaos by Sarah Fine (Guards of the Shadowlands, Book 3)
My rating:
 4.5 of 5 stars

I was still exhausted. Still grieving. Still feeling like all my insides had been smashed up and stomped on. But I wouldn’t stop until I had done the job I’d been sent here to do. It wasn’t about loyalty to the judge. Not at all.

It was about me choosing who I wanted to be.

This exciting conclusion to the trilogy is really intense, full of more emotional pain and perseverance, and complete with an ending that actually managed to wrap up all the varying story lines!

Recommendation: Read this if you FINALLY want Lela and Malachi to find some happiness, especially if you enjoy the prospect of some crazy Mad Max action thrown in along the way.


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