Minute Review: Stone Guardian by Danielle Monsch

Stone Guardian (Entwined Realms, #1)

Stone Guardian by Danielle Monsch (Entwined Realms, Book 1)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

 “This is how humans become allies?” His voice had softened, the timbre dropping a few registers until it was a rough brush against her spine, and she fought the unexpected shiver, the first of the night that had nothing to do with fear.


“Then make no mistake, little human. You are under my protection now…”

This series opener wasn’t particularly groundbreaking, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the concept of magical and human realms colliding into one big monster mash. (Besides, a little guilty pleasure insta-love can’t be a bad thing, right?)

Recommendation: Read this if you are tired of lovable Vampire Protectors and want to give Gargoyles a chance instead! But seriously, give this one a shot if you are a paranormal romance fan – it’s full of everything from orcs to zombies to oracles, with a few overprotective brothers and secret cabals thrown in.


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