Holiday Update 2015

Like so many others in the United States, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season for me. As such, I want to take advantage of the long weekend to share some holiday cheer and let you guys know about some seasonal posts I have in the works for this December.

I spent Thursday in typical Thanksgiving form. Before visiting family for dinner, I spent the morning baking, watching the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th Street, and putting this year’s Christmas tree together. Given my lack of funds, time, and energy, I decided to avoid a real tree and go with a makeshift bookish one. I’ve seen a few photos of trees like these circling the internet this season, and I’m really glad I decided to try one for myself!

Book Tree - 2015

Here’s the inside scoop on my little book tree. The tree itself is about 2.5 feet tall, with an estimated 70 books, mostly paperback. I used two strings of lights with the ends held in place by binder clips. My tree topper is actually a red top hat topper I bought one year for a themed holiday party. If anyone wants more info on the building process, let me know in the comments below; I’d be happy to share my limited book tree wisdom.

Now, back to Amorous Reads – I do have a few holiday posts in the works!

Book Reviews: I’ll admit it, I’ve been known to fall into the trap of cutesy holiday feel-good movies (blame Netflix). Since I’m steeped in school this year, with less time for movies and more time for books, I’ve decided to schedule some holiday romances into my active TBR. Not too many, but I’m hoping to read one every couple of weeks through the end of the year.

There are so, SO MANY stories to choose from (and I’m sure the chances of picking a reasonably good one are hit and miss), so I’m just going to start with three books that have already made their way to me during the last year:

Unexpected Gifts (Castle Mountain Lodge, #1)   Let it Snow   Christmas Reflections (Forever Christmas, #1)

And since nothing goes better with a cutesy romance than food, I’ll be throwing in some holiday snack recommendations with the usual review 😉 You can be on the lookout for these reviews over the next month or so. (And to those who really aren’t into this, I’ll be reading my usual lineup of books, as well.)

6th Annual Broke & Bookish Secret Santa: For those who don’t know, book blog The Broke and the Bookish has orchestrated a book-themed international Secret Santa event every year for the past 6 years, and I’m participating this year! I already have my giftee’s info and have been plotting her gift, which will be 1-2 books and a few goodies. I’ll be drafting a blog post about the event, and the process of choosing gifts, sometime within the next two weeks.

Seven Days of Midwinter: This is a public book event on Facebook that celebrates and spreads the word about lesser known authors of paranormal or urban fantasy. The event will be running from Dec. 14th – 20th, and it’s a LOT like the Thirteen Days of Halloween event I blogged about in October. I’m hoping to get a detailed post up for this one, too, but here’s a quick link to the Facebook page for those who are curious in the meantime.


And now to round out the Thanksgiving spirit, I would like to share a few things that I am grateful for this year:

  • My family and friends, who always humor me when books are my default topic of conversation at every get together
  • Not dying under a pile of books while constructing my book tree 😉
  • The amazing blog community – It has been wonderful to share my experiences with so many different people, from all over the world, and from different walks of life. Thank you for being awesome!

And on that note, I think I’m going to go read one of my cheesy holiday romances with a cup of hot chocolate. I wish the best to everyone, both at home and abroad. I hope this season is full of love and joy, no matter which holiday you call your own 🙂


4 thoughts on “Holiday Update 2015

  1. I love your book tree! I would so do that too if I had enough books. And enough patience lol. I kind of want to try a cute, holiday romance book because it seems like it would make me feel all cozy and Christmassy, but then I remember that I don’t really like contemporary and would likely end up feeling more annoyed than cozy, haha. The books you have look cute though 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally get it. Contemporary Romance is really hit or miss with me, too, and I definitely have to be in the mood for it. If you know of any good holiday paranormal/fantasy stories, let me know! I’ve read a couple in the past, but they were also touch and go. I’d love to add a good one to my list for this season 🙂


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