Seven Days of Midwinter: An Urban Fantasy Giveaway

There’s another book event happening on Facebook! It’s run by the same folks who set up Thirteen Days of Halloween in October.

What is it? It’s a week-long Facebook event open to everyone from now until December 20th. Seven Days of Midwinter is being hosted by a bunch of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance authors, and it’s a great way to find some new favorites! (As far as I can tell, the list includes authors of YA, New Adult, and Adult.) This event is full of fellow readers, authors, and TONS of free stuff.

I’m sorry, did you say free stuff? Yes! There are drawings for all kinds of goodies (books, gift cards, candy, Kindle Fires, etc.) as well as lots and lots of books that are free for everyone for the duration of the event. Each day has a different line-up of author giveaways (the list is posted on top of the main event page). There is also a “Free Book” post with links to each author’s Goodreads and Amazon pages, as well as links for any books they may be featuring.

Happy Book Hunting and Happy Holidays!


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